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Lovebird Bird Species in Indonesia

Lovebird Bird Species in Indonesia

lovebird birds have different types and prices stable even it tends to be high in each market area jogja solo bird, bird dikarnakan this lovebird liked each circle, beside its name on the theme of love birds, lovebird bird has many color variants that exist in Indonesia.

Presence or absence of glasses on lovebird will affect the price and interest of the fans lovebird. Love Bird broadly divided into 2 types:
Lovebird valve / glasses
Lovebird Non-klep/Non-kacamata
Difference between lovebird glasses and non-glasses are as follows:
1.looking of Love Bird's Eye itself
periphery eye goggles when there is a thick white line circling the eyes lovebird, while the non-glasses lines kalu Just look thin or even not at all.

2.looking of Posture
This is the underlying difference between the two is the difference Lovebird and Non Glasses Glasses. Love Bird goggles, bodynya average smaller and slimmer. Compared with the average non Glasses average rather large and meaty.

3. Views of Average Average laying / Sexual arousal
For the Love Bird Glasses usually mean lust and spawn at age 8bulan up to 1 year, while the Love Bird Non Glasses lust usually faster. Usually by age sekitar7 Month Love Bird has started to prepare for mating and egg-laying
4. Judging from the sound of chatter
Bird ove non bnyak glasses favored by enthusiasts Love Bird because of his voice that the average length and gacor, is different from the Love Bird glasses that only a few types of color who have a long chatter.

5. Judging from the color of fur
Love Bird glasses have the usual fur color of saj up with a very beautiful color. For more details, kinds of colors Love Bird glasses can be seen below ini.Sedangkan Love Bird Non glasses have a very diverse colors that can not be named one by one. Giving a name is usually based on the dominant color and face alone. Such as: Green red face, white face blue, green orange face, etc..
6.price and Interests
For the price and market demand of each Love Bird may change according to market developments. Anyone looking for a lovebird to be listened to her chatter, then the non glasses lovebird was his choice, while for now this Love Bird has many enthusiasts glasses more and different prices 2X more expensive than non Glasses Love Bird, because a lot of enthusiasts who are looking for beauty lovebird color.
For how to treat, food, and nature, relatively no difference between Love Bird glasses and non-glasses. To that end, look for Love bird that fits your wants and needs before purchasing it.


This is a collection of Lovebird by Color, Kacamta and Asalanya. hopefully we can provide the knowledge to Lovebird bird lover so they can know the types.
For those who want to add about the type or origin can be added at the Post.

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